Rapid loan with immediate approval for trainees

After graduating from school, young people begin a completely new phase of life with vocational training. And if the parents lack the financial means, the trainees will have to make some expensive investments – for example for a driver’s license, their own vehicle or for moving to another city. The training allowance is generally not sufficient to cover these costs. And even if child benefit and the training allowance are not generous, all that is left is for the trainees to take out a quick loan.

Trainees: An interesting clientele for banks and loans

Trainees: An interesting clientele for banks and loans

Basically, apprentices are an extremely interesting target group for banks, which they naturally want to retain for as long as possible. That is why trainees usually receive checking accounts at extremely favorable conditions – of course, the credit institutions have the hope that they will be able to sell the apprentices further financial products. When it comes to a loan, negotiations with the bank are not that easy. Because a loan to trainees is linked to various criteria. The trainees must be of legal age and reside in Germany. You should also have no negative entry in the credit bureau. Furthermore, the trainees must be able to prove a regular income – usually a minimum income of 600 euros is required. Child benefit and German state funding do not count as income for the bank.

The trainees can therefore only show their training fee. The living situation also plays an important role. The reason: If the trainees still live with their parents, there is already a large cost factor, namely the rent. In this case, the financial scope of the trainees can be sufficiently large to be able to service the loan installments, especially if the sums involved are not too large. For example, the cost of a driver’s license or a used car can be financed through a loan. In order to increase the chances of getting a loan, the trainees should in any case draw up a solid budget, taking into account all income and expenditure.

Better chances of getting a loan with immediate 

Better chances of getting a loan with immediate 

Under the following link you can find which online loan brokers with immediate approval according to europa-web.de are also suitable for trainees (and other “problem groups”). If the trainee takes out a loan together with a co-applicant with a good credit rating, the chances of a positive loan decision by the bank not only increase. In this case, the trainee usually receives the loan on better terms. (For details, see the section “Is there a loan with an immediate approval even without a credit rating?” On Europa-Web). A co-applicant offers another advantage for the bank compared to a guarantor who also has to step in if the trainee cannot pay the installments: the co-applicant has the right to have a say in the use of the loan amount. Parents are, of course, the ideal partner for trainees. The trainee can also apply for the loan with his partner. This person must provide proof of a regular income, be in an unconditional employment relationship and of course have successfully passed the probationary period.

What about a loan during the trial period?

During the probationary period, trainees usually have a poor chance of getting a loan (at least if they want to apply for it themselves and without a co-applicant!). On the contrary; many credit institutions even require that the employment relationship must have existed for at least six months – even if the trial period is shorter. Incidentally, the trainee has no chance of getting a loan in the first month of work. The reason: he is not yet able to provide proof of salary.

Housing Loans with 0.98 and 0.95 Interest Calculation

Announced that some housing banks will calculate housing loans with 0.95 interest rates and housing loans with an interest rate of 0.98 for housing projects.

It is announced that the remaining 0.8% of the banks will be taken from contractors or companies. The upper limit of the mortgage loan was set at 500,000 thousand USD. In this way, it is aimed to host narrow-cut families.

Banks that calculate housing loans with 0.95 interest rate


We searched for banks that calculate housing loans with 0.95 interest rate and housing loans with 0.98 interest rate for you. And we wanted to give you an example of mortgage loan rates of 0.95 and 0.98.

There are some cost items when getting a mortgage loan or calculating. As you know, housing loans are exempt from GFIC and GFIC tax items. Other mortgage loan cost items are listed below.

  • Mortgage Fee
  • Appraisal Fee
  • File Cost
  • Life insurance
  • Residence insurance
  • Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)

Banks keep their interest rates constant


Since the banks keep their interest rates constant, the mortgage loan cost items given above should be taken into consideration. The cost items for each bank are different. Let’s give you a few examples of these differences.

Honest Bank Housing Loan?

  • Mortgage fee: 129 USD including VAT.
  • Appraisal fee: 650 USD.

Thrift Housing Loan

  • Mortgage fee: 354 USD including VAT.
  • Appraisal fee: 950 USD.

Halk Bank Housing Loan?

  • Mortgage fee: 150 USD including VAT.
  • Appraisal fee: 650 USD.

Business Bank Loans?

  • Mortgage fee: 148 USD including VAT.
  • Appraisal fee: 975 USD.

Other costs belonging to banks are the file cost, life insurance, home insurance, and compulsory earthquake insurance (TCIP). These cost items vary according to the age of the person who will get the mortgage loan and the age of the building.

There is not much information or an accurate source of these costs on the Internet. You want to take them directly from your credit or appropriate (agricultural bank, trust bank, community bank, job bank) individually read through these four banks that we need to find the cheapest housing loans.

It guides you to get a bit of mortgage fees and appraisal fees. We must follow such campaigns.


We advise you to read our previous article titled Best Affordable Home Loan Calculation Interest Rates. You can browse the topics that may be of interest in our Mortgage Credits category. If you want to know more about housing loans just keep in touch with us.

Apply for a loan: how does taking out a loan work?


Borrowing money, how does it work?

Borrowing money, how does it work?

If you want to apply for a loan, we advise you to compare loans first. The interest rates that lenders charge vary widely. At Huckleberry Finn you can compare and apply for loans.

1. What should you pay attention to when applying for a loan?

1. What should you pay attention to when applying for a loan?

  • Can you borrow the desired or required amount?
  • Which loan suits you?
  • Acceptance criteria – when will you be accepted for a loan?
  • What is the interest rate?
  • Are you dealing with closing costs / advice costs / insurance with the loan in question?

Can you borrow the desired or required amount?

Before applying for a loan, it is wise to first calculate whether you can borrow the desired amount. This prevents you from being rejected after you have applied for a loan, for example because your income is insufficient. Click here to calculate your maximum loan.

Which loan suits you?

There are different forms of borrowing money, the difference being the interest rate, but also the flexibility to take back repaid amounts or to repay a loan early without penalty. Determine which loan suits you.

Acceptance criteria – when will you be accepted for a loan?

Not everyone is eligible for all loans offered. For example, lenders look at things like your type of employment, age, and living situation to determine if they want to provide you with a loan. At the top of our comparisons, you can first enter this type of personal data. Based on this information, we show loans for which you are eligible. This increases the chance that you will be accepted.

What is the interest rate?

When applying for a loan, you naturally look at the interest. It determines how expensive a loan is and how long you are attached to the loan. Do you opt for a revolving credit? Check annually by means of a loan comparison whether the interest you pay is still in line with the interest you should pay elsewhere. Is there a difference of more than 0.2%? Then switch.

Are you dealing with closing costs / advice costs / insurance?

Are you considering taking out a loan through an intermediary? In that case, make sure that they do not charge any consultancy, closing or brokerage costs for taking out the loan. This is prohibited by law. However, an intermediary may charge costs if you also take out insurance with the credit. Do not just put a signature under an offered insurance, but first ask yourself whether you need the insurance, what the payment is, when the payment is made and whether it is the best product.

2. How fast is applying for a loan?

2. How fast is applying for a loan?

If you apply for a loan via Huckleberry Finn, you usually receive a quote in your mailbox within 1 working day. The lender may have additional questions. In that case they will contact you by phone. This also usually happens the same day.

3. How quickly can you dispose of your money?

How quickly you have access to the money when you apply for a loan differs per lender, but you also have partial control over it. If you return the necessary papers as soon as possible after receipt of the loan offer or loan agreement, you can usually have the money within a week.

4. What documents do you need to provide when applying for a loan?

It differs per lender which documents you need when applying for a loan, but what you almost always have to provide are: income documents (pay slip for example), copy of your ID and bank statement (print of internet banking).

5. Can you request multiple loan quotes?

5. Can you request multiple loan quotes?

You can request multiple loan quotes. It is even wise to request two, for example, so that you can compare well. However, you can already do an important part of the comparison on our website. It doesn’t make much sense to request more than two quotes.